Student Evaluations

Teaching Evaluations

Official teaching evaluations across four semesters

          Three graphs below represent my students’ evaluations. Figure 1 compares my students’ grade point averages to those of the Marketing Department and to those of MUMA College of Business. The second graph demonstrates the relationships between the “Overall rating of the instructor” and the average GPA of my students. Finally, Figure 3 compares my average overall student evaluations to the averages of the Marketing Department and MUMA College of Business.

Figure 1

          As you can notice, the average GPA for my class is slightly higher than the average GPAs in the Marketing Department and MUMA College of Business. Overall, I am spending more time with each student to assess his or her individual needs. If I notice that the student’s performance is falling below the classes’ average, I assign individual work that will improve that student’s understanding of the material and correct the student’s weak aspects. Furthermore, I use various formative and summative assessment techniques during the semester. This enables me to work with students on their shortcomings and monitor closely their performances throughout the term. Finally, starting from the very first class, I communicate the expectations for each student and make sure that they stay focused during the semester. I believe the students’ comments below reflect my efforts:

“Iana was outstanding professor. Good communication, very entertaining class filled with hands on experience and showcased reality and exceptions very well. Her exams are manageable since professor provides us with very useful guides. We can use more professor like her in business faculty.”

“She made the course objectives very clear and it was very clear what I needed to complete each week. I loved the structure of the course. She gave great examples in class, and was always cheerful and energetic. I wish more teachers were like her. She was so sweet! Thank you!” 

“Prof. Shaheen really cares. She goes above and beyond to ensure student success. I really enjoy how in touch she is with every student [sic]. She requires us to do our work, but understands that this class is not our only class. Deadlines are clearly defined and she stays on track with her syllabus. Would definitely take another course with Prof. Shaheen.” 

“Professor Shaheen always exhibited care and concern for her students. She always went the extra mile to make sure that we learned and got the best grade we could in her class. She made the course very easy to learn!”

Figure 2
Figure 3

          In my opinion, Figures 2 and 3 illustrate my personal growth as an educator. I started teaching the Marketing Research course in Fall 17. Since it was my first experience being an instructor, I relied heavily on traditional teaching methods and materials prepared by the instructors who taught this course previously. As shown in Figure 3, even though the average GPA of my students was slightly higher that the overall department’s and college’s, my teaching evaluations were similar to department and college averages. Mostly, students were concerned that the course material is very similar to the material that they have learned on the previous marketing courses. Some of the students’ comments about the course included: 

“Good course, but in general all the marketing courses such as marketing management and basic marketing are the same and I learn the same in every class so I loose [sic] interest.”

“Marketing research is a useful course, however some of the information seems repetitive and I think the course could be combined with another basic marketing class.”

“The class is very analytical and need [sic] more material.”

          Keeping these comments in mind, I completely redesigned the Marketing Research course for spring 2018. Based on the ATLE workshops and Harvard Teaching Case Study Seminar materials, I redesigned the course context, included more relevant and analytical materials, added various activities, and selected a new simulation.  While the average student’s GPA shows a slight decrease due to a higher difficulty level of the course, my “overall rating of the instructor” improved dramatically. The decrease in GPA also reflects that my grades are not “inflated” and makes my spring 2018-evaluation results more impressive. Overall, I was able to increase my teaching evaluations as well as students’ opinions about the course. Some of the students’ comments included:

“I loved Iana’s class so much. She would lecture on the information, but also give out in class activities that tie in what we are looking at [sic]. She also used a simulation that gave us more practice with product development and the whole marketing process in general, which I really appreciated. I loved her teaching style a lot, she was always eager to help. She was also really clear on what we could expect on the exam and her reviews where helpful (jeopardy).”

“Professor Iana Shaheen shown respect toward the class and interest of having each of us to learn her course. She demonstrated expertise about her material and professionalism as well. She had diverse ways to teach that made the class enjoyable to listen to.”

“Great professor, always willing to help. Kept the material fun and interesting with learning activities in addition to class lectures.”

“Ms. Shaheen was such a great teacher for this course. She constantly got us engaged and active in the subject of marketing research. She also connected us to real-life research studies going on in the college of business that we could be subjects in [sic]. It was a very cool way to get the respondent perspective while learning about the researcher role.”

“I loved having Iana as an instructor! She was funny, engaging and a joy to listen to. She gave the class clear expectations, graded fairly, gave plenty of extra credit opportunities and you could tell she was passionate about research. I also love her method of teaching with powerpoints [sic], to me it made it easier to understand and study for exams. I loved the scratch off method for our exams as well! I hadn’t done that in another class before but wish more instructors did it!”

          During fall 2018, I taught a different course, Supply Chain Management. Using techniques and materials that I acquired taking the Preparing for College Teaching Course, I was able to increase the average students’ GPA as well as to keep my high teaching evaluations (please, see Figure 2). Some of the students comments included:

“Iana Shaheen was a very influential person to my learning at USF. It is rare that I get a good teacher who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and compassionate and understanding towards her students. USF is lucky to have a professor like Iana.”

“Prof. Shaheen, did a wonderful job making SCM very interesting and engaging. I did not realize how crucial it was to the overall success of all businesses and how many different aspects it covers. Prof. Shaheen did incredibly well keeping it light and engaging. I enjoyed her use of outside professional to talk about the realities of SCM as experiences workers, not just. I can‘t wait to see her teach more classes.”

“Very relatable and personable with the students in class. She is always open to new ideas and ways to teaching the material. Her interactive teaching style made the class fun and different from the traditional class style. Awesome professor and the way she handles class is one of the best.”

“Great professor and provided a lot of opportunity for her students. The simulation and case studies she had us do was far my favorite aspect of the course.”