Welcome to the Business Meeting for a Natureview Farm. You are not an undergraduate student anymore; you are on the executive committee for one of the leading yogurt manufactures in the US. We will discuss the company’s current situation, propose some options, and then make a growth strategy decision. Remember that your voice matters, and your opinion is needed for the company to succeed!

          With this introduction, I started the class. The video presents a typical case-study discussion that I implement four to five times a semester. Discussions usually take half of my class period (about 1.5 hours); students read the case in advance and prepare a case study write up (please see Narrative for an example). Then, they are involved in the student led-discussion applying concepts learned in class to analyze the situation presented in the case. Then, using smartphones, students vote on one of the three available options. After this, I divide the class into several groups based on the option they chose. Students discuss in groups and prepare a short speech to the Board of Directors on why their option is the most effective for the company. The Board of Directors members, consisting of students from different groups, listen to their peers, ask questions and at the end make a decision.  At the end of the class, I summarize the discussion by giving a short presentation about the actual name of the company and describe which option the company decided to pursue. In this video, students are not learning by sitting in class and listening, they learn by actively participating in a discussion where they have to reason with a counterpart and defend their own opinions.